About us

The highlights of Dreams Link Beauty Care Sdn Bhd is the natural formulas from France and developed by a reputable factory laboratory. In the 12 years since its debut, it has helped countless men and women suffering from skin problems to get rid of their worries and regain their confidence.

100% healthy ingredients, pure natural extracts, chemicals free, let your skin shine beautifully and confidently from the inside out.

The founder of the brand, Michelle Chiam, said that in the past, her skin condition was extremely poor, which seriously affected her emotions and social interaction. The inferiority complex has led to troubles in daily life.

“The formula of Diane.3 has helped me completely cure the acne problem on the face, and also indirectly improved my life. I really want to promote this product to help everyone who has the same problems as me.”

Today, as a yoga teacher, Michelle Chiam attaches great importance to the balance of body and soul. The yoga center she operates is also equipped with a full range of advanced beauty equipment. Over the years, the positive feedback and support from customers to Diane.3 has made her firm in her faith and built this beautiful palace with her heart, helping women regain their confidence and exuding beautiful and charming expressions from the inside out.